My Favorite Life Hack

The one hour I spend organizing myself makes the single biggest impact on my week.  When I look at my life from a big picture perspective, I elevate my experience in the ways that are most meaningful to me.  I create a blueprint for my week by thinking about my goals and the next best step forward, prioritizing my to do list so that I am highly focused, and making sure to carve time for things that fill my cup.   

weekly organization session carves out space to review, reconnect, and readjust, where necessary.  
Carving out time to prioritize goals and align them with actions helps us take large strides forward consistently.  Taking this time out allows us to see and develop opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t have.  It also makes sure that taking care of ourselves is truly a priority.  Having a structure that guides us through the details creates a natural ease and therefore more presence in our daily being.


Weekly Organization Instructions:

Pick one day per week and set up a recurring appointment with yourself in your electronic calendar (with a reminder) for your weekly organization session. Carve out an hour or so to align, sync, refresh, and renew. I recommend doing this on Friday or Sunday for the upcoming week.  That way on Monday morning, you can dig right in and feel well prepared. 



1. Integrate life into your schedule

1.1.    Schedule the “rocks”:  appointments, etc.

1.2.    Add in time for goals:  timeboxes for key priorities

1.3.    Add in time for relationships:  setup memorable moments


2. Move through your inboxes

2.1.    Connect with everything that is going on: review all items and delete or archive when no further action needed

2.2.    Schedule time for tasks:   block out time for items that need focus

2.3.    Wrap up:  close out, let go, or delegate items


3. Be open

3.1.    Be flexible to move things around:  go with the flow

3.2.    Be sure to fill your cup: regularly fit in time for activities that re-energize you

3.3.    Don’t overdo it:   leave a lot of room for daily being


There have been many times where I have entered my organization session feeling fragmented and chaotic.  By the time I finish, I always feel relieved to know that everything I want to get done has time carved out and will get done in an optimal way.  I feel more grounded, clear, and ready.


By taking time out once per week to setup our days, we make the things that matter most to us our true top priorities.  Being selective about what makes it into our lives helps ensure we experience our ideal levels of fun, growth, and accomplishment.