With many of us working from home more than ever, it’s a great time to make sure you love your home office. When you find your work space fun and refreshing, it draws you in and elevates your output. Setting yourself up with a great set of tools dramatically increases efficiency, creativity, and fun!

  1. Optimize Your Space
    1.1. Design your space based on use. Make sure that the items you use most often are accessible with a quick reach.
    1.2. Clean up the clutter. File items that you hardly use and/or access to get them out of sight.
    1.3. Add inspiration. Add colors that you love as well as artwork that motivates you.

  2. Fill Up Your Supplies
    2.1. Keep the essentials in stock. Make sure you have everything you need while in your element.
    2.2. Get creative with items that elevate your personal game. Have a great set of journals, stickers, and your favorite pens handy.
    2.3. Whistle while you work. Nurture yourself with goodies that get you in a great mode such as a fancy tool, a cup of tea, packs of gum, your favorite playlist, a scented candle, etc.

  1. Build Your Best Routine
    3.1. Start fresh. Just like we all need a daily shower, a daily dose of inspiration helps get us moving and feeling great. Figure out what works best for you and do it when you first sit down each morning.
    3.2. Timebox your priorities. Set aside regular periods of time for advancing key activities based on your goals. Schedule these in your electronic calendar.
    3.3. Carve out renewal periods. Find those activities that refill your cup and be sure to prioritize them in your schedule as often as you need to perform your best.