Every day we have many actions, opportunities, and decisions that lie ahead of us.  The way we react to life is completely within our control and often has a great effect on many people. These are daily practices to facilitate adding the most value and getting the most out of each day.


Get Ready

  • Check in: Start your day by checking in with how you’re feeling.  Before you start consuming information and driving forward, tune in.  Be compassionate with yourself.  Clear out any negativity so that you come to the table ready to go.
  • Give thanks: The best way to raise your vibe is to think about what you are grateful for and to focus on it for a few minutes.  Expressing gratitude is scientifically proven to make you feel happier and increase progress toward your goals. 
  • Fill your cups: Set yourself up well.  Have your coffee and/or fuel yourself in whatever way makes you feel best.  Do what it takes to have a good attitude as you step into your day.


Show Up

  • Have an intentional presence: Be open, present, and ready to engage with others.   Think about what you can do to add the most value today and focus on that first.
  • Sharpen your tools: Do your homework and research multiple angles about whatever topic you are working on or thinking about.  Make sure you set yourself up with all the tools needed to perform your best.  Polish up those tools and make sure they are within reach.
  • Fully participate: With each interaction, do your best to completely focus on the current topic and figure out how you can improve the outcome.  Ask yourself the question, “What can I do to positively impact the current situation as much as possible right now?”  Speak up and share ideas.  Be open to learn, let people trigger new ideas within you, and be inspired.


Follow Up

  • Collaborate and elevate: There are many people invested in the same things as you.  Connect with them, align efforts, and collaborate to elevate your plans and achieve the optimal outcome together.
  • Monitor progress: Visibility into key metrics is critical to ensure you take the optimal approach.  Awareness of progress is a huge motivator for continued growth.  Set up systems so that key information is captured, developed, and well-organized.  Simple tracking is a great start if you are lacking in this area.  The ability to see that progress is being made consistently is critical.  It allows a greater opportunity to collect feedback on how to improve the approach.  
  • Keep moving forward: Have a weekly habit of reviewing progress on your priorities and planning actions to keep them advancing.  Block out regular time to dedicate toward taking steps forward each week for your top priorities. 


What daily habit works best for you?