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To Do List Worksheet (Agile Template)
This is the ultimate centralized task list that you can access anywhere and use quickly.  It’s a perfect complement to The Seed Planner to help carry over details from week to week.  

This template is the perfect “starter” list for each day. It helps you organize your tasks into a centralized list and categorize them to see the big picture. Once you have everything listed, you can begin to prioritize and focus in on the ones that will truly move the needle. As you close out your day, you can come back and update based on the progress you made. It’s also helpful to review as part of your weekly organization session to evaluate if you want to add or remove items.  Enjoy!


Made to guide you and make it simple


Weekly Organization Session Checklist

The most powerful hour you can spend each week!  By reflecting on your life from a big picture perspective, you elevate your experience in the ways that are most meaningful to you personally. 

Create a blueprint for the week ahead by considering goals and the next best step forward in each. Make sure to carve out time for things that fill your cup too.


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