Hi there! I'm Dani

I’m a project manager extraordinaire who is here to help you organize and drive progress.  I created The Seed Planner to empower others to level up through high performance while ensuring the right daily balance in life for each individual.

A little background on Danielle West

People often admire my ability to organize information and stay on top of so many details.  They ask how I do it and I share little “how to’s” or best practices I’ve created.  The reality is that I have a relentless need to sort things out, understand the best next steps, rapidly drive forward, and consistently see real progress.

I am slightly obsessive when it comes to organization.  I feel really happy when I can easily see that everything is organized, it all has a time and place, and I can focus my efforts on the key next step.  So much so that I ended up my creating my own organization system.

I created The Seed Planner because I get really excited to plan out my day on a sheet of paper.  I’ve made various versions of this since 2005, testing different techniques and exploring what made the greatest impact on the quality of both my output and my daily experience.

I enjoy getting to work.  The Seed Planner helps me identify how I can add the most value, allows me to empty the details out of my mind, and guides my focus on the most important work to be done at the time.  I love adding color and character to my pages.  I use this tool to help me stay aligned throughout the day, adding to it as things arise, and checking items off as I finish them.  I appreciate knowing where to focus and making sure I get to everything that I want.

The real “trick” to being organized is constantly reviewing progress, sorting information, and taking action.  I check in on things often.  I have strong habits built around processes that I follow daily, weekly, quarterly, and annually.  The Seed Planner helps facilitate and improve those processes, while capturing the results of them in a keepsake.

My Core Values


I reflect often, am thankful for the little things, and express my appreciation


I am honest and do the right thing, even when no one is looking


I seek to witness without judgment, look for new perspectives, and to focus on love  


I take ownership of the reality I create and make the changes I seek

My Mission Statement

I continuously seek clarity and drive optimal outcomes. I find enjoyment through writing, organizing, and advancing on goals. I love to add value to team projects.

My life’s journey is creating opportunities for high performers to have an abundant well-being. I open up opportunities and share them, care for the success of the overall whole, have fun in the moment, and grow. My most important contribution to others is sharing tools to optimize experience.

I strive to incorporate these attributes into my life: