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The Seed Planner

The Seed Planner is an organizer that inspires clarity, harmony, balance, and progress.  

It was designed for individuals with busy lives who are driven to continuously grow and make an impact. Use increases awareness, inspires organization, and speeds growth. 

Increase Productivity & Achieve Goals: Simple guided exercises for setting goals and breaking them into small steps.

Improve Time Management & Balance: Easily see a full week at once to schedule appointments, set priority time blocks, jot notes, and make a list for work & personal to do’s.

Express Creativity & Have Fun: High quality thick paper enables pens to glide well without bleeding through.  Plenty of room to write, decorate, and draw. Perfect for use with washi tape, stickers, stamps, etc.

Feel Organized & Focused: Quick start instructions make it easy to start using quickly.

Fully Guaranteed: We are confident about the quality of The Seed Planner & will give you your money back if you are not satisfied!  

The Seed Planner is a handy tool to guide your focus on goals and create your ideal balance.  It provides a fun way to optimize the allocation of your time, ensuring consistent progress. It guides you through simple exercises that clarify priorities and help you organize your time accordingly.

The Weekly Seed Planner is perfect for individuals that like to stay organized but want to keep it simple.

The minimalistic design encourages clarity and awareness of important priorities without excess pages.

It includes a full year of organization pages:

Goals – 10 year, 1 year, and Quarterly

Monthly – Calendars, Priorities, To Do’s, & Notes

Weekly – Priorities, To Do’s, & Reflections

Daily – Focus, Schedule, To Do’s, & Notes

Notes – Grid Sheets

 Our eco friendly planners include a soft vegan leather cover, strong binding, lay flat design, with 100% recycled paper. 

This is the perfect organizer for the business professional, student, mom, dad, project manager, teacher, or any individual who likes to write things down, stay focused, and get to work.

Remove noise and busy work to focus on the important tasks and make notable progress on your key priorities.

Allows the flexibility to encourage achievement, fulfillment, and happiness each day.

Undated format gives you freedom to fill in dates as you see fit.   

Colorful stickers included!